Sacred Soil Project



Veteran Events Tallahassee community outreach project, Sacred Soil is a mobile, grass-roots program with the mission to reduce the number of Veterans experiencing homelessness in the Tallahassee area by creating authentic relationships with people living on the streets, homeless camps and Veteran housing complexes. We provide support through the distribution of food, access to community resources, other comforts and encouraging words. 


All donations to the Sacred Soil Project are tax deductible. We invite you to join us on our mission.  


Emergency Food 

Food insecure? We'll discuss any food allergies, go shopping & provide several days worth of food.


Gas Cards 

To ensure medical appointments are made.



Chances are you have needs in multiple areas. Allow us to help link you with other community resources.


If you are a Veteran in immediate need please contact Tina Reason at 850-556-7763.


Our daughter became a friend of a Veteran in Tallahassee. This Veteran became ill and was in the hospital for an extended period of time. During his hospitalization, his bills did not get paid including his rent which caused him to be evicted from his apartment. He was living in his car. He had depression and PTSD among other health issues. He contacted our daughter to ask for ask her for help with this situation because her father is a disabled Veteran. We seemed to be drawing at straws trying to find him help. One evening we were out and our daughter sent us a text saying he has no money for gas and had not eaten in four days. My husband and I met up with the Veteran and paid for a tank of gas for his car and gave him money to get something to eat. I then heard of Sacred Soil for Veterans. The Veteran made the phone call and within a week this man had money for gas, food and a place to live. The Sacred Soil Project is the answer to any homeless or suicidal Veteran. Needless to say this Veteran was given hope he desperately needed. Thank you for all you did for him.
— Brenda Stoye
So I just went through a very traumatic experience with a house fire, that took absolutely everything including my furbabies. When I turned to the VA they once again left me hanging. I turned to the Sacred Soil Project and she truly helped as she already does. I thank her from the bottom of my heart. Again and again. Thank you for all you do
— Heather Mack